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The Defence Human Capability Science & Technology Centre (DHCSTC) is a centre of excellence for defence human capability research and is therefore operating an open supplier network. We are supported by a broad chain of suppliers including large defence organisations, Small and Medium Enterprises and Academia.

Further information about how to engage with the DHCSTC is available here and from the Prime Contract Office.

Research Themes


Research to inform policy and practices relating to future recruitment/selection, conditions of service, the future shaping of the Armed Forces, and support to defence personnel, families and veterans.

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Tri-Service Training & Education

Research focused on education and the human element of individual, joint, collective and coalition training (including training effectiveness, assessment metrics, skill fade and the balance of live, synthetic and constructive environments).

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Health & Well-Being

This research is focused on providing the best scientific knowledge to underpin policies and doctrine to maintain health and fitness and support regeneration of the force - Health and Well-Being being a major contributor to the moral and physical component of the fighting force.

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Information Activities & Outreach 

Research focused on the achievement of strategic national goals through influence and persuasion techniques supplementing or obviating the need for traditional fighting (kinetic) techniques.

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Humans in Systems

Research aimed at developing the tools, techniques and methodologies needed to inform policy and future capability definition recognising the full integration of the ‘People Component of Capability’ is essential to the delivery of military effect.

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Forthcoming Events Minimize
Human Systems Integration Symposium
30 April 2014 at MOD Abbey Wood, Filton. Open to all suppliers who have signed the FPA.
Registration for this event is now closed.

Past Events Minimize

DHCSTC held a Suppliers' Day on 13 February 2014 at Farnborough. The presentations are available in the 'News & Events' menu at the top of the page.

DHCSTC held a 'Strategic Context Initiatives & Research Exploitation Event on 14 November 2013 at Farnborough.

DHCSTC held an 'Information Activities & Outreach (IA&O) Research' Programme event on 17 June 2013 at Yeovil. The presentation is available in the Supplier File Share area.

DHCSTC held a 'Humans in Systems and Tri-Service Training & Education' Symposium on 2 May 2013 at Abbey Wood. The agenda is available for download.

DHCSTC held an Informal Supplier Networking Day on 17 April 2013 at Farnborough. The presentation is available for download.

DHCSTC exhibited at TSET on 06/07 February 2013.

Presentations from the DHCSTC Suppliers' Day held on 5th November 2012 are available to download.


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